Spend Less Time Prepping & More Time Teaching!

Here at Whimsy, we understand that teaching dance is hard. You put so much love into every class, that sometimes you find yourself tired, burnt out, and working 24/7. 


Our mission is to focus on YOU, the amazing dance teacher, who have dedicated your life to teaching those little bodies to plie, shuffle, and chasse.  Our philosophy is that you can't fill someone else's cup if your cup is empty! Therefore, Whimsy is here to fill your cup with new ideas, resources, and creative curriculum to help you create amazing classes, grow your program, and become a more confident dance educator.  

Whimsy is Dedicated to Helping You:

engage your students

& bring fun

into your classroom

discover resources

to help you create

magical classes 

get your life back &

spend less time

planning classes

become a stronger teacher

& give your classes a competitive edge

How Will WHimsy Do All That?

To reach our goal in helping you bring your students amazing classes, we strive to be a haven for all your dance teaching needs.  

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